Fishy Fishy

Chaos at the Aquarius Pet Store!

You play Bob the Aquarius Pet Store owner, who finds out in the morning that the mischievous Tabbby cat had sneaked into your pet store. Tabby goes straight for the fish tank to get his next meal!

Frightened, the pet fishes in the aquarium leaped out of the tank to get to the other across the room.

You must help Bob catch all the fish in the air. Do not drop the fish or Tabby the cat will get an easy meal!

Fishy Fishy's colorful gameplay will ease you into the real fun of the game!

The cute characters' antics will definitely bring a smile to your face as you take on the juggling act!

The game seems innocently easy at first, but when you think you get the hang of it, things start to get really exasperating.