Kopi Tiam

The first iPhone time-management game featuring popular local dishes from Singapore and Malaysia
(Current Version 1.5)

Learn about and also have fun making and serving some of these dishes:

1) Egg and onion prata, Paper (tissue) prata
2) Kopi-O, Kopi-susu, teh-O, teh-susu, and many other drinks!
3) dim sum
4) Hainanese Chicken rice and roasted chicken rice
5) Satay!
6) Nasi Lemak Ayam goreng or Ikan goreng
7)Mee rebus, mee soto

All these and more!


Serve your way through 30 fun levels across 3 districts in Singapore: Little India in Serangoon Road, ChinaTown in downtown Singapore and Malay Village at Geylang Serai! Or you can also visit these local districts in Singapore yourself by taking a ride on the ubiquitous SBS transit buses or the convenient SMRT or LRT trains!



Version 1.1
What’s new:

1) Customer flow is now much improved
2) The color of some foods are now much better distinguished.
3) 2 new dishes in Little India: Milo Godzilla and Soup Tulang
4) 2 VIPs visiting Little India.
5) You can now see your achievements on every level at the level menu page.
6) Six new levels added
7) Fixed the involuntary ice adding bug and other fixes

Coming Soon version 1.2

Sneak peek:



More coming soon!