Balance like you've never balanced before!
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Current Version:
1.2 updated July 18 2010
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How to play?

Balance the hamster on a beam, be very careful not to let it slide off it!

Tilt your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to tilt the beam left or right.

Feed the hamster on the beam with the falling cereals or sugar cubes.
Avoid dangerous items and characters!
Collect various items to be used on different levels
Buy items at the panic store if you need them. But first you need to collect gold acorns.
To collect gold acorns, you need to achieve certain special moves or collect certain items from every level.
Depending on the number of items collected and special moves achieved, each level will reflect this by showing the number of stars you have acquired.

All levels have different styles and challenges!

Level 1 will get you accustomed to the game. Once you can handle this, you can get the hang of it!

But don't be fooled by its cuteness! This game is not as easy as it seems. As you progress up the levels, you not only have to balance the hamster, you also have to avoid enemies, obstacles and jump while balancing.

This balancing game is nothing like you've ever played before!

Try it now!

Hamster Panic

Latest news

July 18 2010

Hamster Panic Jamboree Edition is here!

A new level added, a secret level to be discovered, secret items, bonus items and collectables to be used in future levels to come!

All future updates are free forever!

Let's hear what the players are saying:

"The game's cute cartoonish graphics are varied for each of the game's levels.... the developer has promised additional levels for later updates.

Hamster cute and simple to play, ... a charming game and easily one that children can enjoy for a while."

" to play the game for a couple of hours and I must say that this game has one of the best accelerometer-based gameplay that I have ever played on the iPhone platform.( Believe me, I have played a lot of accelerometer-based games for I have a jailbroken iPhone.) " ~Tim Loh
"Nothing is more entertaining than a panic hamster. Highly addictive, colourful design and interesting scenarios." ~Noridah
"One of the simplest yet fun game; very cool character, scene, nice music and awesome accelerometer-based gameplay. I really love the balancing madness of the game, as the description says, "Be warned: Highly addictive balancing madness" ;) Great!" ~Tanvir

"This is a great game. And very original concept. I got this for my kids but i think i have played it more then they have. Great work!" ~Tshirt Booth

"An interesting design with some quirky graphics. Good for some fun while waiting for the bus." ~Think Lockie

"It's really addictive and partially challenging to balance the cute little hamster and simultaneously catching items while avoiding obstacles. It's nice that you can choose between tilt and touch control, both work really well. I can recommend this game for people who rather play for a short amount of time and like balancing games." ~iCap